JaxCreator Spotlight: Koari The Duck

Jax has esports, streamers, cosplay and more, and @koariduck is a part of making that community and culture THRIVE! I can not tell you how inspiring it has been to get to know @koariduck and see the moves she’s made to advance STEM with those who need it most. We got to talk for a while after everybody left at the last @jaxcreators meetup at @greymatterdistillery

As part of the @icemenesports, they’re throwing a cosplay on ice meetup at @commfirstigloo this saturday, from 6-11pm that you should definitely check out if you’re into cosplay or ice skating.

Hit em up if you’re into esports and gaming (if u need a graphic designer, a tournament organizer, an artist, they got u covered on all fronts!).

I am a streamer, content creator, and artist whose goal is to create a goofy yet comfy atmosphere within the gaming community. I also strive to help uplift gamers and create a space for women in eSports.


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